David Pax

Short Stories

A collection of short science fiction stories written by David Pax.

A Cookie

 “Yes.” Replied the pendant. “Here is the recording.” The voice of Johnny's mother came from the pendant.

 “You got an 'A' in geometry, so this afternoon we'll make your favorite cookies together.” Her voice rang sweetly in his ears and Johnny couldn't understand why she wasn't there to make cookies. He liked helping to spoon the dough onto the cookie sheet, making sure each cookie would be large enough.

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Light From Everywhere

“So why,” said the gray alien, “should I not jus' push this button and blow the 'ole planet to nothing?”

 Jim's stance did not change, his focus did not drift. Even after the last two weeks, after every brain-twisting thing he had seen in the last two weeks, that the gray alien had chosen to speak with an accent like British street thugs in the movies was still deeply disturbing. Jim stared straight into the large, dark, cow-like eyes set in the middle of the smooth gray pear shaped head.

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