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Without Gravity

Without Gravity


Trapped by a massive Spacer battle fleet, the last people defending Tirimba struggle desperately against an advanced and powerful invading foe. Spacers descended from the first humans to permanently live in space, have not forgotten or forgiven the injustices their ancestors experienced under the rule of planetary humans. Each citizen of Tirimba must decide for themselves whether to resist the invaders, or cooperate with the enemy and risk sacrificing their humanity.

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In a future where technology is deeply integrated into daily life humanity has evolved past differences of gender and race, only to wage war between those born on planets and those born in space. Now Lisa Madison and the other members of the elected leadership Council must use all their creativity and determination to keep their people alive. For those unable to escape Tirimba, and the single battle fleet protecting them, the war tearing the galaxy apart is far away from their struggle to survive. They live in a corner of this hell of war, scraping existence out of the crust of their planet. Fortune will favor the defenders of Tirimba three times, though each time will come with a toll paid in blood.